Slip Bobber Catfishing Rig

The slip-bobber rig is one of the greatest methods for catching catfish.  This little used method of catfishing is especially valuable to the bank fisherman.  It allows a bank fisherman to present a bait at various depths and also drift baits with the current or wind, allowing you to cover more water than bottom fishing.  Be sure to look for an upcoming article on how to make your own catfishing bobbers.

To tie up a slip bobber rig you will need the following:

  1. Leader line – usually a mono filament fishing line of slightly lighter test than your main line.
  2. Hook – j-hooks or circle hook  from 4/0 up to 10/0 (for very large baits), #4-#2 treble hook, or your favorite dip bait  holder.
  3. Swivel – large swivels without snaps size 1-2/0 will work for most catfishing.
  4. Sinker – bank, no-roll, and eggs are favorites for Carolina rigging.
  5. 2-Beads – one between your sinker and swivel( I like to use the connectors from the glow bracelets we use when night fishing) and one to go between the slip bobber and the bobber stop knot.
  6. Bobber – a large slip float of some sort.
  7. Bobber- stop – to set the fishing depth.  Look for an upcoming article on how to tie your own bobber stops.  Learn how to tie your own here: CatfishTraining – Tie Your Own Bobber Stops
  8. Line clippers – to cut leader and tag ends.

First, slide the bobber-stop knot on, pull tight, and cut tag ends.

Next, put on a bead.

Slide on your slip-bobber.

Then slide the sinker onto the mainline so it can slide freely up and down the line.

Put another bead on.

Then tie the swivel onto the mainline using a palomar knot.

Now, cut a piece of line for your leader.  This can be anywhere from 6 to 36 inches but 12 to 18 is optimal in most cases.

Tie the hook on to one end of the leader using a snell or palomar knot.

Tie the other end of the leader onto the empty side of the swivel using a palomar knot.

You should be able to slide the bobber-stop knot up and down your mainline with a little effort to achieve the desired fishing depth.  This will allow you to locate and catch catfish that are not feeding on the bottom as well as fish in very heavy cover without becoming snagged on every cast.  We will be doing an article soon on exactly how to utilize this awesome catfishing tool.

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8 Responses to “Slip Bobber Catfishing Rig”

  1. Wild Wolf Products
    January 31, 2012 at 9:06 am #

    Just a heads up on Slip Bobber Rig fishing, so many people over look this time of year for some of the best Float fishing there is. As the water starts to warm up on a sunny day. Those big catfish will follow the bait up on flats and stump fields close to the surface. These can be targeted with a Big Kat Bobber. Keeping your baits up off the bottom. If you have 3 or 4 warmer days with lots of sun. Get out there and give it a try. These fish are hungry and will eat that bait up.

    • Wild Wolf Products
      January 31, 2012 at 9:07 am #

      Forgot to add, these fish will be within 3ft on these days. As long as the waters not frozen, they will follow the bait fish right up there shallow.


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