Santee-Cooper Catfishing Rig

The Santte-Cooper rig is very similar to the Carolina rig but incorporates a peg float on the leader between the sinker and hook.  It is commonly used when drift fishing from a boat or when still fishing to elevate a bait just up off of the bottom.

To tie a Santee-Cooper rig, we will need some terminal tackle:

  1. Leader line– usually a mono filament fishing line of slightly lighter test than your main line.
  2. Hook– j-hooks or circle hook  from 4/0 up to 10/0 (for very large baits), #4-#2 treble hook, or your favorite dip bait  holder.
  3. Swivel– large swivels without snaps size 1-2/0 will work for most catfishing.
  4. Sinker– bank, no-roll, and eggs are favorites for Carolina rigging.
  5. Bead– a spacer of some sort needs to be between your sinker and swivel on the mainline to protect the knot from being smashed.  ( I like to use the connectors from the glow bracelets we use when night fishing).
  6. Line clippers – to cut leader and tag ends.
  7. Peg float – this float will be put on the leader line between the hook and swivel.

First, slide the sinker onto the mainline so it can slide freely up and down the line.

Next, put on a bead or spacer.

Then, tie the swivel onto the mainline using a palomar knot.

Now, cut a piece of line for your leader.  This can be anywhere from 6 to 36 inches but 18 to 24 is optimal in most cases.

Tie the hook on to one end of the leader using a snell or palomar knot.

Slide on the peg float and pin it in place on the 1/2 to 1/3 of the leader closest to the hook.

Tie the other end of the leader onto the empty side of the swivel using a palomar knot.

Check out our rigs page for more great catfishing rigs!

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