Ming Yang CL70A Baitcasting Reel

Baitcasters are the most popular style of reels used for catfishing.  The Ming Yang CL70A is a great economical choice for catfishing, especially for large cats.  I have been using a  Shakespeare Tidewater30L and an Abu Garcia 6500C3 for comparison.  The CL70 is quickly becoming my favorite reel!

Opening the box

All Ming Yang reels come with a power handle and a double-grip handle, handle wrench, reel oil, and protective cover for when the reel is not in use.  Another cool feature you will find on the inside flaps of the box is a full schematic and parts list for the reel, making upgrades and cleaning easier.


Model Ball Bearings Gear Ratio Line Capacity (Lb/Yd) Color Application
CL-70 A 2+1 4.2:1 16/43025/260 Black, Blue and Gunsmoke Freshwater and/or Saltwater
  • Dual drag adjustment
  • Loud spring loaded clicker design
  • Includes a power handle with stainless counterweight
  • One Way Clutch Anti-Reverse
  • All Brass Gears
  • Anodized Aluminum side plates
  • Machined aluminum spools
  • Smooth Star Drag system
  • Dual Centrifugal and Mechanical Brake System
  • Two Year Warranty

I love this reel!  The power handle is awesome.  It has a very comfortable grip and is not too big or too small.  Casting the CL70 next to my other reels, it casts as smoothly and far as the 6500 and much better than my tidewaters.  The last time out, I seriously backlashed the 6500 and the Ming was 100% trouble free.  The 4.2:1 gear ratio seems about the perfect medium between speed and torque.  The retrieve was fast and smooth.  The bait clicker feature turns on and off easily and, after a simple adjustment,  is extremely loud.  The CL70 feels solid and well built but, not overly heavy.  I am confident you will not find a better catfishing reel for the money anywhere.

Here is a short review of the Ming Yang CL60 by Dallas Barnwell of Big D’s Reel Repair posted originally at www.catfish1.com:

I got my hands on a new cl60a Ming Yang Thanks to Paul and Renegade Tackle!
First thing I did when she come today was take her apart ! I see good things inside this baby all brass gears sealed bearings on each side of spool NO cheap A$$ brass bushings but bearings ! this thing is built like a tank the week link on Abu 5000 – 6500 is the reel foot breaking off of the cage where it is welded that will not happen with a Ming Yang the foot has brads to hold the foot to the cage big plus in my book.                                                                                                                    I put her back together and she is smooth as silk the clicker is loud and strong !
My next step, soon as I can, I will go test how well she casts.  I have no doubt that she will cast great !
Would I recommend this reel?  Yes, I highly recommend this reel !

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3 Responses to “Ming Yang CL70A Baitcasting Reel”

  1. chris ward
    January 23, 2014 at 5:26 am #

    where co I find this reel ming yang cl70a baitcasting reel that I found on your website. I would also like a roundabout price range

    • Catfishadmin
      January 27, 2014 at 2:14 pm #

      They are available a few places. Renegade Tackle, Amazon are the 2 that come to mind. I believe they are around 50-60 bucks. I have been using some Okumas this year that are around the same price and in my humble opinion have a much more solid feel. Check out the Classic Pros on this page http://bottomdwellerstackle.com/reels_okuma.htm. I am using 4 of them now.


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