Carolina Rig

The Carolina rig, also referred to as a slip-sinker rig,  is probably the most widely used rigging for catfish.  It is a great way to present any type of bait to catfish that are feeding on or near the bottom.  It is also a very commonly used rig by bass fishermen.

To tie a Carolina rig, we will need some terminal tackle:

  1. Leader line– usually a mono filament fishing line of slightly lighter test than your main line.
  2. Hook– j-hooks or circle hook  from 4/0 up to 10/0 (for very large baits), #4-#2 treble hook, or your favorite dip bait  holder.
  3. Swivel– large swivels without snaps size 1-2/0 will work for most catfishing.
  4. Sinker– bank, no-roll, and eggs are favorites for Carolina rigging.
  5. Bead– a spacer of some sort needs to be between your sinker and swivel on the mainline to protect the knot from being smashed.  ( I like to use the connectors from the glow bracelets we use when night fishing).
  6. Line clippers – to cut leader and tag ends.

First, slide the sinker onto the mainline so it can slide freely up and down the line.

Next, put on a bead or spacer.

Then, tie the swivel onto the mainline using a palomar knot.

Now, cut a piece of line for your leader.  This can be anywhere from 6 to 36 inches but 12 to 18 is optimal in most cases.

Tie the hook on to one end of the leader using a snell or palomar knot.

Tie the other end of the leader onto the empty side of the swivel using a palomar knot.

There is also slight variation of this rig called the Santee-Cooper rig which adds a small float, on the leader,  in between the hook and swivel.

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6 Responses to “Carolina Rig”

  1. Tyler Payne
    December 29, 2010 at 4:03 pm #

    Just wanted to say that this is an awesome illustration of the Carolina rig. When I first got into cat fishing this would have been a life saver resource and on top of that I’m still learning a lot from this site. It’s very refreshing to see it so clearly shown on this website as well as other great information!


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